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Events Report 2010

Sunday 23rd May: Lullybeg

Led by: Michael Jacob.

A hot day saw a good turn-out with a number of those present seeing Lullybeg for the first time. Students from Killenuale Secondary School enjoyed the occasion as did Pat Bell and John Hardy. The Marsh Fritillary was in flight and unsurprisingly given the hot temperatures were extremely active. Ecologist Kate McNutt was impressed by the diversity of plant species found in the semi-natural grassland.

Friday 18th/Saturday 19th June: Lullybeg Moth Night

Led by: Philip Strickland.

This overnight event was attended by Jesmond and Alex Harding, Pat Bell, Michael Jacob, Val Swan, John Lovatt, Julie and Philip Strickland. It became cold after mid-night and a sharp frost formed by morning to the shock of all present. Nevertheless a large number of moths were attracted. Highlights included Dark Tussock, Valerian Pug and Goat Moth. A report by Philip Strickland follows.

Weather: Warm and dry on the evening of the 18th. Clouded cover receded as night fell and temperatures plummeted resulting in a ground frost overnight. This reduced the numbers on the wing after dark.

Survey: Evening netting from about 19.30 onwards including dusking up until darkness. The following traps were set out throughout the site:

5 x Actinic 15W Battery Powered Heath Traps

1 x Actinic 40W Mains Powered Heath Trap

2 x Mercury Vapour 125W Mains Powered Robinsons Traps

1 x Mercury Vapour 125W Mains Powered Skinner Trap

The following species were recorded along with approximate total numbers.


1087 Orthotaenia undulana x 1

1294 Crambus pascuella x 5

1301 Crambus lathoniellus x12

1302 Crambus perlella x 7

1293 Chrysoteuchia culmella x 4

2412 Silver Hook Deltote uncula x 9

986 Syndemis musculana x 17

1126 Ancylis badiana x 2

1952 Common Heath Ematurga atomaria x3

1840 Shaded Pug Eupithecia subumbrata x 11

1837 Grey Pug Eupithecia subfuscata x 1

1508 Stenoptilia bipunctidactyla x 20

1334 Scoparia ambigualis x 4

1304 Agriphila straminella x 1

1201 Eucosma cana x 27

1344 Eudonia mercurella x 2

1119 Ancylis geminana x 17

2474 Straw Dot Rivula sericealis x 1

2442 Beautiful Golden Y Autographa x 25

2441 Silver Y Autographa gamma x 3

16 Gold Swift Hepialus hecta x 6

18 Map-winged Swift Hepialus fusconebulosa x 65

14 Ghost Moth Hepialus humuli x 1

2069 The Cinnabar Tyria jacobaeae x 11

1645 Scalloped Hook-tip Falcaria lacertinaria x 3

1648 Pebble Hook-tip Drepana falcataria x 9

1652 Peach Blossom Thyatira batis x 5

1653 Buff Arches Habrosyne pyritoides x 40

1961 Light Emerald Campaea margaritata x 6

1666 Large Emerald Geometra papilionaria x 3

1674 Little Emerald Jodis lactearia x 2

1677 Birch Mocha Cyclophora albipunctata x 28

1692 Lesser Cream Wave Scopula immutata x 4

1713 Riband Wave Idaea aversata x 3

1719 Oblique Carpet Orthonama vittata x 7

1722 Flame Carpet Xanthorhoe designata x 2

1725 Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet Xanthorhoe ferrugata x 5

1727 Silver-ground Carpet Xanthorhoe montanata x 25

1728 Garden Carpet Xanthorhoe fluctuata x 3

1738 Common Carpet Epirrhoe alternata x 1

1759 Small Phoenix Ecliptopera silaceata x 3

1752 Purple Bar Cosmorhoe ocellata x 1

1764 Common Marbled Carpet Chloroclysta truncata x 50

1768 Grey Pine Carpet Thera obeliscata x 2

1769 Spruce Carpet Thera britannica x 8

1773 Broken-barred Carpet Electrophaes corylata x 15

1776 Green Carpet Colostygia pectinataria x 4

1794 Sharp-angled Carpet Euphyia unangulata x 3

1806 Pretty Pinion Perizoma blandiata x 4

1807 Grass Rivulet Perizoma albulata x 2

1834 Common Pug Eupithecia vulgata x 5

* 1821 Valerian Pug Eupithecia valerianata x 3 (first record for County Kildare and for the midlands in general. Usually only found in the west)

1846 Narrow-winged Pug Eupithecia nanata x 6

1835 White-spotted Pug Eupithecia tripunctaria x1

1867 Treble-bar Aplocera plagiata x 10

1882 Small Seraphim Pterapherapteryx sexalata x 10

1887 Clouded Border Lomaspilis marginata x 30

1894 Latticed Heath Chiasmia clathrata x1

1902 Brown Silver-line Petrophora chlorosata x 15

1906 Brimstone Moth Opisthograptis luteolata x 10

1920 Scalloped Hazel Odontopera bidentata x 6

1931 Peppered Moth Biston betularia x 3

1937 Willow Beauty Peribatodes rhomboidaria x 5

1941 Mottled Beauty Alcis repandata x 20

1956 Common Wave Cabera exanthemata x 5

1955 Common White Wave Cabera pusaria x 20

1958 Clouded Silver Lomographa temerata x 1

1970 Grass Wave Perconia strigillaria x 1

1980 Eyed Hawk-moth Smerinthus ocellata x 20

1981 Poplar Hawk-moth Laothoe populi x 10

1991 Elephant Hawk-moth Deilephila elpenor x 30

2000 Iron Prominent Notodonta dromedarius x 5

2003 Pebble Prominent Notodonta ziczac x 1

2006 Lesser Swallow Prominent Pheosia gnoma x 3

2008 Coxcomb Prominent Ptilodon capucina x 2

2011 Pale Prominent Pterostoma palpina x 20

1994 Buff-tip Phalera bucephala x 6

*2017 Small Chocolate-tip Clostera pigra x 1 (scare species but have been recorded in Lullymore previously)

*2027 Dark Tussock Dicallomera fascelina x 4 (scarce, only found in bogs in the midlands)

2028 Pale Tussock Calliteara pudibunda x 10

2060 White Ermine Spilosoma lubricipeda x 20

2061 Buff Ermine Spilosoma luteum x 50

2089 Heart & Dart Agrotis exclamationis x 50

2087 Turnip Moth Agrotis segetum x 10

2091 Dark Sword-grass Agrotis ipsilon x 2

2102 Flame Shoulder Ochropleura plecta x 50

2123 Small Square-spot Diarsia rubi x 5

2163 Broom Moth Melanchra pisi x 20

2160 Bright-line Brown-eye Lacanobia oleracea x 10

2166 The Campion Hadena rivularis x 20

2321 Dark Arches Apamea monoglypha x 2

2330 Dusky Brocade Apamea remissa x 30

*162 Goat Moth Cossus cossus x 1 (first record for County Kildare. Usually seen in its distinctive larval form, seldom as an adult)

2173 The Lychnis Hadena bicruris

2150 Grey Arches Polia nebulosa x 4 (not Poplar Grey as previously advised)

2147 The Shears Hada plebeja x 1

2158 Pale-shouldered Brocade Lacanobia thalassina x 10

2281 Alder Moth Acronicta alni x 1

2302 Brown Rustic Rusina ferruginea x 30

2305 Small Angle Shades Euplexia lucipara x 3

2322 Light Arches Apamea lithoxylaea x 1

2326 Clouded-bordered Brindle Apamea crenata x 60

2337x Marbled Minor agg Oligia sp. X 10 (needs dissection to determine actual species)

2334 Rustic Shoulder-knot Apamea sordens x 5

2439 Gold Spot Plusia festucae x 2

2345 Small Dotted Buff Photedes minima x 10

2387 Mottled Rustic Caradrina morpheus x 1

2410 Marbled White Spot Protodeltote pygarga x 5

2422 Green Silver-lines Pseudoips prasinana x 3

2434 Burnished Brass Diachrysia chrysitis x 4

2449 Dark Spectacle Abrostola triplasia x 5

2450 The Spectacle Abrostola tripartita x 8

*896x Cosmopterix sp. X 1 (scarce, either orichalcea or lienigiella. Very small, wingspan less than 1cm but an impressive creature)

954 Eupoecilia angustana x 1

397 Glyphipterix thrasonella x 3

All in all it is an impressive tally given the weather conditions. Alas no Waved Carpet though. We probably need to survey again maybe in July and August to get a better picture of the lepidoptera present. No doubt the site will hold more scarce species as its flora is so varied.

Philip Strickland [Total found: 115 species].

Lullybeg Moth Night

Friday 27th August.

Led by: Philip Strickland.

The event was also well attended and those who attended the previous moth night were joined by Moira and by Wyn Beere .Unfortunately the skies were clear and the night was very cool with less moth activity than in June. The following species were found:

672 Parsnip Moth Depressaria heraclei

868 Helcystogramma rufescens

969 Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix Pandemis corylana

1042 Rhomboid Tortrix Acleris rhombana

1062 Acleris emargana

1093 Apotomis betuletana

1134 Epinotia ramella

1138 Epinotia nisella

1329 Donacaula forficella

1345 Brown China-mark Elophila nymphaeata

1524 Emmelina monodactyla

Pebble Hook-tip Drepana falcataria

Small Fan-footed Wave Idaea biselata

Oblique Carpet Orthonama vittata

Flame Carpet Xanthorhoe designata

Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet Xanthorhoe ferrugata

Common Carpet Epirrhoe alternata

The Chevron Eulithis testata

Small Phoenix Ecliptopera silaceata

Fox Moth Macrothylacia rubi (larvae)

Turnip Moth Agrotis segetum

Broom Moth Melanchra pisi (larva)

Red-green Carpet Chloroclysta siterata

Common Marbled Carpet Chloroclysta truncata

Spruce Carpet Thera britannica

July Highflyer Hydriomena furcata

Wormwood Pug Eupithecia absinthiata

Double-striped Pug Gymnoscelis rufifasciata

Narrow-winged Pug Eupithecia nanata

Treble-bar Aplocera plagiata

Common Wave Cabera exanthemata

Common White Wave Cabera pusaria

Clouded Border Lomaspilis marginata

Brimstone Moth Opisthograptis luteolata

Bordered Beauty Epione repandaria

Canary-shouldered Thorn Ennomos alniaria

Early Thorn Selenia dentaria

Scalloped Oak Crocallis elinguaria

Pebble Prominent Notodonta ziczac

Lesser Swallow Prominent Pheosia gnoma

Pale Prominent Pterostoma palpina

Buff Footman Eilema depressa

Flame Shoulder Ochropleura plecta

Gold Spot Plusia festucae

Large Yellow Underwing Noctua pronuba

Lesser Yellow Underwing Noctua comes

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Noctua janthe

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Noctua fimbriata

Autumnal Rustic Eugnorisma glareosa

Small Square-spot Diarsia rubi

Square-spot Rustic Xestia xanthographa

The Crescent Celaena leucostigma

Haworth’s Minor Celaena haworthii

Common Rustic agg Mesapamea sp.

Ear Moth agg Amphipoea sp.

Flounced Rustic Luperina testacea

Hedge Rustic Tholera cespitis

Mottled Rustic Caradrina morpheus

Smoky Wainscot Mythimna impura

Small Wainscot Chortodes pygmina

Dark Sword-grass Agrotis ipsilon

The Sallow Xanthia icteritia

Angle Shades Phlogophora meticulosa

Frosted Orange Gortyna flavago

Rosy Rustic Hydraecia micacea

Silver Y Autographa gamma