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24 Mar 2017

Get Out for The Count

Posted by Jes

Butterflies are synonymous with sunshine, happiness…and spring.

Butterflies gliding in the sparkling March sunlight invite us to celebrate spring.

They will share our gardens with us, if invited in by the right plants and management.

Butterflies mark our seasons for us, bringing us to a deeper awareness of time’s rhythms.

Their colours inspire reflections on the perfection of creation, and a poignant appreciation for a delicate elegance that cannot last, but a glory that will be repeated, if we look after their habitats.

The sight of new and first butterflies in spring is a joyful, reaffirming vision of hope.

The sun will shine and butterflies will fly over the coming weekend.

Enjoy them and let us know what you see.

Here are some recent butterflies.

First Holly Blue of 2017 on Honesty, in a Kilkenny garden. ©Elizabeth Dunne.

First Comma of 2017, in a Carlow wood. ©Andrew Power.

My first Peacock of 2017, Louisa Bridge. ©J.Harding.

Small Tortoiseshell, basking in the sun at Louisa Bridge, Kildare.©J.Harding.

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